Art4Therapy presents ArtWish

ArtWish helps strengthen the Art Community by creating exposure and funds
for Art related activities in California.

Do you want to raise awareness for a cause you believe in ?

Would you like to donate funds to your favorite charity ?

Need to raise money to grow your Art related project/event/show or business ?

Here is a great way to build the Art Community by doing so.

Collaborate with us.  It's easy to register your unique #KeyCode with the free online application.
We're excited to help your campaign and spread the word about your Artistic endeavor.

1.  The ArtWish # campaign is free to use.  Our manual labor is dedicated on free will in the hopes that everyone involved will grow.

2.  We will create a text blurb with a digital flyer and submit it to you for approval before we share it in our social media circles; including but not limited to:  our website, our fb group page, directly to our pool of Artists, Art Enthusiasts, online groups, local news, community magazines, radio, blog, pod casts and good ol' word of mouth.  We ask that you also use the flyer to boost awareness in your circles or favorite groups that support you and your cause.

3.  We will write an Art Article about you and your cause.  It will be published on the 
website, starting on the landing page, then rotating into the Art Articles & Blog Page.  Your digital flyer will be featured on the Current Events page including links to you and your cause.  If you join the Open Studio Tour, you will also be featured on the Participating Artists page, amongst a variety of other useful marketing tools.

4.  If you wish to have an event that coincides with your fundraiser on the 1st Sunday of any month and would like to be on the map of the Open Studio Tour, we offer you the keycode #ARTWISH to register at half off.  You will also receive a receipt for your taxes for advertising.

5.  We will donate $20 for every Artist that registers for the tour on your campaign using your unique #keycode and offer the funds to you within 7 working days of the deadline to register.

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About the Open Studio Tour
~ Artist Open Studios, another hidden California treasure ~
California's diverse culture and speechless landscapes hold some of the most incredible Art ever being created. The 1st Sunday of every month, all year-round, is an opportunity to enjoy the mysterious curiosity of Art being formed. Who is making it ? Why are they making it ? Where is all of this happening ? Find out answers to these questions and many more as you gather your family and friends to enjoy the self guided map of participating Artists.
Registering with the Open Studio Tour is an incredible opportunity to make a positive impact on someones life. This educational Art event was created to bond the California community unconditionally with love and support from the Arts and all that Art has to offer. From Visual Arts to Art for Therapeutic reasons, we welcome all forms of Art because we know that Art Creates Amplified Physical Health and Positive Mental Joy.
There is no telling what you will find when the workshop doors open and intriguingly unveil Art behind the scenes, like you've never seen before. Enjoy watching the fantastic energy of Art being created right in front of you. What an amazing feeling it is to be part of the moment. This educational, interactive, all-ages art adventure is not to be missed !

To learn more, visit: w

and join us on the FaceBook group:

Current ArtWish Campaigns

ArtWish has connected Huntington Beach Puppy Up and the California Art Experience, Open Studio Tour  
Get involved, show your community support and help cancer research for pets and people

The California Art Experience will donate $20 to the non-profit organization, Huntington Beach Puppy Up
for Every Artist that registers
with the November edition of the Open Studio Tour.  The deadline to register is: midnight,  October 15th, 2018. 
Registering is easy and online at:

To lean more about Puppy Up- Companions Against Cancer, learn health tips for your pet,  make a donation or sign-up for the Huntington Beach Puppy Up Walk, please visit them on the web at: .